September 25, 2023
How to Create Your Avatar on iPhone

You can now create an avatar of yourself on your iPhone, which you can use as a sticker in Messages or as an Animoji in FaceTime. This new feature is called Memoji and was introduced with iOS 12 and improved in iOS 15.

It’s a bit like Animoji (the animated emojis that animate your expressions), except you can customize the facial features to mimic your real-life likeness, so it’s completely unique to you!

There’s a lot more you can do with Memojis, though! You can adjust the skin and hair colors, as well as add makeup and eye shadow. You can also change the size and shape of your eyes, lips and ears.

Here’s how to start: Open a Message on your iPhone and select the “Memoji” icon above your keyboard. Tap on the image of a smiley face to open a menu of available Memoji, and then select the one you want to customize.

Next, tap the three dots (…) on the left side of that menu to open the customization options for your Memoji. You can then edit the face or remove it altogether.

After you’ve customized your Memoji, it will appear as a sticker pack that you can use in Messages and other applications. You can even add it as a Animoji or FaceTime emoji (animated voice recording).

To make your avatar look more authentic, you can adjust the head shape. You can also make your Memoji younger or older.

When you’re done editing the face, you can then save the changes to your device. Then, you can use your new emoji on any service that allows you to upload an image as an avatar, including things like Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow!

You can even share your Animoji video!

To start, you’ll need a compatible phone and Apple’s latest software updates. If you have an iPhone X, the feature is exclusive, but with iOS 12, you can also make a Memoji on any smartphone running on iOS 12.

You can even customize your Memoji’s clothing and accessories!

Before you start, you’ll need to decide what color you want your Memoji to be. You can choose from the various palettes of color or select one of your own.

In the section Skin, you’ll be able to choose the type and color of your skin and add any marks from your face (nose or cheeks). Then, you can play around with your hairstyle, choosing whether you want long hair or short, or adding curls and waves. You can also change the shape of your eyebrows, and you’ll be able to add any kind of forehead mark or piercing.

If you’re a man, you can also choose the type of sideburns and any mustache or beard that you like. Finally, in the section Eyes, you can choose the size and color of your eyes and change their shape.

Once you’re finished, you can then save the changes to your iPhone or iPad. You can then use your new emoji on any other service that allows you to upload an image as a portrait, such as things like Microsoft Teams or ServiceNow!

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